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The Davidson Family – Ancestors of Helen Davidson (1923-1951)

James Davidson




b. 1786, Boarhills, Scotland

d. c1858, Scotland

John Davidson

m. 1771 Kingsbarn, Scotland






Isobel Simson

David Simson

m. 1737, Crail, Scotland

Elspeth Horsburg


For a brief summary of the arrival in Australia of the Davidson family

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b. 1807, Crail, Scotland

d. 1878, Uralla, NSW

William Davidson

m. 1804, St. Andrews, Scotland




And for more details (for our line of ancestors only), courtesy of The Davidsons of New England (ed.: Frank Davidson, published by the Davidsons of New England Association, 1983), click here


Note: Much of the genealogical table on this page has been extracted from the above book. Underlined names in the tree can be clicked on for the relevant page/s of the book.

For more genealogy detail on the earlier generations, check out the Ancestor Tree from the Davidson book here:


Euphemia Ross

b. 1777 Crail, Scotland

David Ross

David Ross

m. 1721, Dunino,  Scotland

Margaret Peatie



b. 1835 Clackmannan, Scotland

d. 1929, Emmaville, NSW

John Davidson

m. (1) 1834, Clackmannon, Scotland


m. 1777, Crail, Scotland

Janett Roger




Janet Graham

b. 1808

d. c.1848

 Archibald Graham




Elizabeth Roy

m. 1857 Salisbury, NSW

Elizabeth Frances Frizell

b. 1840, Wexford, Ireland

d. 1923, Emmaville NSW


m. (2) c.1848

Janet Blair





b. 1865, Uralla, NSW

d. 1954, Fremantle, WA

David Johnstone Davidson

b. 1828

d. 1859, Walcha NSW



Gustavus Frizell






b. 1895, Hillgrove, NSW

d. 1980, Glen Innes, NSW

James Henry Davidson

m. 1891, Armidale NSW



Frances Biston





Sarah Glenmire Farrell,

b. 1866, Ollera, nr Guyra, NSW

d. 1901, Boulder, WA


b. 1819, Cork, Ireland

d. 1893, Boorolong, nr Armidale NSW

Garrett Farrell


d. before 1844,

William Clarke




b.1923, Glen Innes, NSW

d. 1951, Newcastle, NSW

Helen Glenmire Davidson

m. 1918, Glen Innes


m. 1850, Newstead, nr Guyra, NSW



Matilda Orr



Isabella (Jenny) Martin,

b. 1891, Ashurstwood, Sussex, UK

d. 1985, Glen Innes, NSW


Jane Clarke

b. 1834 Co. Derry, Ireland

d. 1916, Guyra



1787 Co. Antrim, Ireland

d. 1888 Ollera, nr Guyra, NSW

John Clarke

d. before 1844









b. 1821, East Grinstead, Sussex

d. 1902, Forest Row, nr East Grinstead

William Martin



m.1824, Ireland

Sarah Barclay






d. 1843 East Grinstead

    Richard Martin



d. before 1844,

Henry Barclay


m. 1819, East Grinstead, Sussex

Hannah Waters

d. 1857 East Grinstead



Jane Galloway

d. before 1844

m. 1947, Glen Innes

Geoffrey Alfred Boddy

[See The Boddy Line Family Tree]


m. (1) 1842, East Grinstead, Sussex






Sarah Mitchell

b. 1823, East Grinstead, Sussex

d. bef.1890







m. (2) 1890, East Grinstead, Sussex


William Brown

Hannah Brown

b. 1856, Clayton, Sussex

d. 1950, East Chiltington, nr Brighton UK

b. 1813 Pershore, Worecestershire

d. 1879 Keymer, Sussex

James Brown






m. 1852, Calne, Wiltshire

Mary Ann Weston

b. bet 1825-1829, Netheravon, Wiltshire

d. 1912, Keymer, Sussex





Peter Weston