The early Generations

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Crediton, Devon

William  Body

Please note: It should be remembered that these pre-1837 records are derived mainly parish registers, and in many cases, cannot be confirmed absolutely as belonging to the identified parties and should be thought of as merely probable assumptions, in the absence of conflicting documentation.

Providing more details on the family members listed here is a work in progress.  Those that have more of the Boddy family background are signified by their names in block letters with links to their page

b. 1705

Crediton, Devon

William  Boddy

m. 1704, Crediton, Devon

Ruth Burridg

b. 1681, Crediton, Devon



b. 1738

Crediton, Devon

William  Boddy

m. 1730, Crediton, Devon


  Wilmott Puddycomb   



b. 1762

Crediton, Devon

John  Body

m. 1759, Crediton, Devon

Grace Milton




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 m. 1786, Crediton, Devon


b. 1796

Crediton, Devon

d. 1866, South Hackney (London)

John  Boddy

 Mary Badcock


m. 1821, Shoreditch (London)


Charlotte Pearse

b. 1793, Sidbury, Devon

d. 1873, South Hackney (London)

???? Samuel Pierce



????? m.